The DMG MORI Academy relies on Solukon depowdering systems

With an SFM-AT800-S and an SFM-AT350 from Solukon, the world’s leading manufacturer of machine tools is increasing efficiency in the postprocessing of additively manufactured parts. At EMO 2023 in Hanover, the SFM-AT350 is part of a unique series production line.

The DMG MORI Academy relies on Solukon’s unique technology for the removal of powder from laser-melted metal parts. In Bielefeld, the two market-leading automated systems SFM-AT350 and SFM-AT800-S are already in use for the safe removal of powder.

Both systems are based on the unique Smart Powder Recuperation technology SPR®. It safely and reliably removes residual powder from complex cavities and channels through programmable 2-axis rotation and targeted vibration within a protected atmosphere and collects the powder for reuse. Perfected in size and function, the SFM-AT350 is the ideal depowdering system for medium-sized parts up to 60 kg and 420 mm high, while the proven and established SFM-AT800-Scan clean 600 mm high, large components up to 300 kg.

Digital features for reliable and transparent postprocessing

It is not only the reliable cleaning quality that makes the systems the best-selling in their class, but above all the digital features that make depowdering even easier and the process even more transparent: With the SPR-Pathfinder® software, the motion sequences in the Solukon system can be conveniently calculated in advance based on the CAD file of the part. And the second feature, the Digital Factory Tool, as a sensor and interface kit, enables real-time monitoring and quality assurance of the depowdering process.

“Solukon systems are rightly the market-leading depowdering systems. We achieve reliable cleaning results and have full transparency and control over the depowdering process. We are pleased to have increased the efficiency of our additive manufacturing line with Solukon even further and look forward to further joint projects,” says Dr.-Ing. Rinje Brandis, General Manager Additive Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 at DMG MORI Academy.

Solukon systems at the DMG MORI Academy in Bielefeld.

The SFM-AT350 is a series production line

The systems are integrated into the production control system via OPC UA and can thus be controlled centrally. DMG MORI will be demonstrating how a Solukon system can be part of a series production at EMO 2023 in Hanover (September 18-23). In Hall 2, an SFM-AT350 is part of an automated series production. DMG MORI prints robot heads for Robo2Go Turning live on site, which are then depowdered in the SFM-AT350 and transferred to further postprocessing and finishing systems.

Automated depowdering of additively manufactured robot heads in a Solukon SFM-AT350.
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