Solukon at Formnext 2023 – What to expect?

The Solukon team is happy to reconnect with the AM community again. Here’s what to expect on booth 12.0, D42.

Solukon has a range of new products and features ready for the show of the year.

Automated Powder Collection Unit SFM-PCU

The Solukon SFM-PCU is an automated powder conveying station for all common metal powders. With a container of more than 100 liters, the SFM-PCU is the ideal peripheral system for large powder volumes.

SFM-AT350-E with piezoelectric excitation for delicate structures

Since piezoelectric excitation originates directly at the rotary table of the SFM-AT350-E, the part can be shifted to the optimal vibration range with high precision. The high frequencies of the electronic excitation are considerably higher than the harmful natural frequency of the part. As the frequency constantly controls and regulates itself the risk of exciting the resonance frequency and damaging sensitive structures is avoided. Consequently, the SFM-AT350-E is the ideal depowdering system for delicate structures made from materials that are difficult to depowder, like copper. Another major advantage of the new form of excitation is its low levels of noise emission. As a result, the SFM-AT350-E is a perfect fit for the naturally quiet 3D printer environment.

Also new: Both the SFM-AT350 the SFM-AT350-E are now compatible with SPR-Pathfinder® software.

Enhanced Digital Factory-Tool with carbon footprint tracking

The main upgrade in the enhanced Digital-Factory-Tool (DFT): the carbon footprint of depowdering is now measurable. From their energy supplier, Solukon customers find out the value for the CO2  consumption per kilowatt hour of electricity. There is a variable input field in the upgraded Digital-Factory-Tool for this carbon factor of electricity, as well as the carbon factor of compressed air consumption. With the two values, the DFT calculates the carbon footprint of the depowdering process.

Our depowdering systems at display

We’re happy to have the following postprocessing systems on display.

  • The new SFM-AT350E with piezoelectric excitation and SPR-Pathfinder® software
  • Die SFM-AT800-S with robot integration on neighbouring booth E41 of Rivelin Robotics
  • Die SFM-AT1000-S with short swivel arm
  • The new SFM-PCU für automated powder handling
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