Solukon in der Presse

Solukon releases new automated powder removal designed for oversized components

Montag, der 24. Februar 2020

Named SFM-AT1000, the system is designed for the powder removal of large components that can reach up to 460 x 460 x 1,000 mm³ and 500 x 280 x 875 mm³.

As a reminder, the manufacturer of AM peripheral systems debuted on the market seven years ago with the SFM-AT800 system. Over time, the company has helped several industrials to understand the vital role of post-processing in a production workflow. Its technology has been acknowledged by key players of the industry including CERN,  Siemens, MBFZ toolcraft and Morf3D, to name a few of them, and has positioned the company as a true expert in the field of automated cleaning of additive manufactured metal components…mehr dazu..