Solukon AM User Day 2022 – US Edition

Solukon dedicates the second edtion of the AM experts’ event to the US community

This year Solukon, the pioneer and technical leader of automated powder removal, dedicates its event series, the AM User Day, to the US AM community.

Solukon is partnering with Morf3D, Divergent Technologies and Proto Labs.

Save the date: Thursday, March 10, 2022, 10AM – 12AM (PST)

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Expert’s presentations and live depowdering

We are proud to announce a top speaker line-up of additive manufacturing industry leaders for the US edition of this bi-annual event.

Morf3D, represented by Franck Mouriaux, one of the pioneers in New Space
Morf3D helps clients realize the potential of additive manufacturing in a new age of aerospace innovation. With unmatched experience in AM serial production, Morf3D accelerates solutioning to achieve fully optimized functional structures and build processes for top-tier aerospace clients.

Divergent Technologies, represented by Mike Kenworthy, who revolutionize the automotive industry with their digital production system
Divergent’s digital production system, the Divergent Adaptive Production System (DAPS™), radically transforms auto manufacturing economics and environmental impact using a data-driven approach for designing and building vehicle structures.

Proto Labs Inc., represented by Eric Utley, a leading supplier of rapid prototypes and on-demand production parts
Protolabs is said to be the world’s fastest digital manufacturing provider. Their automated quoting and manufacturing systems allow them to produce metal and plastic parts within days.

The AM User Day USA will be rounded off by a live depowdering from the Solukon showroom.

The line-up of AM User Day 2022, US edition.

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Solukon is looking forward to e-meeting you soon!

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