Unpacking station for laser-sintered plastic parts

The SFP-E7 unpacking station can be used to unpack build boxes from the EOS P7.

The unpacking takes place by automatic raising of the build plate. The powder material is collected in the surrounding hoppers and is conveyed to the integrated ultrasonic screen. The parts in the build boxes are removed manually.

The uniquely-designed lifting mechanism ensures smooth raising of the build plate, regardless of its load and position.

The SFP-E7, the unit can be equipped with a multi-part protective cover.

Solukon Unpacking station SFP-E7 | Solukon Auspackstation SFP-E7
Inside view SFP-E7 | Die SFP-E7 von innen
Inside view SFP-E7

Basic Features:

  • three surrounding collection hoppers with 140 liters of storage volume
  • integrated tool tray
  • electromechanical lifting device
  • work tray made of stainless steel
  • explosion-protected lighting
  • layout free from ignition source
  • prepared for EOS P7 build boxes

Additional Features

  • multi-part protective cover with glass window
  • integrated ultrasonic screening system
  • powerful extraction system
  • pneumatic material conveying system


  • compact unit layout
  • large storage volume
  • easy operation

Technical Specifications

Installation Space (W x D x H) 3,500 x 2,000 x 2,500 mm³
Machine Weight 500 kg
Mains Voltage / Frequency 3 PH / 400 / 50 V/Hz
Power Consumption 0.4 kW
Power Supply 16 A